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Written by
Kali Newlen-Burden

Kali Newlen-Burden, ICON sponsorship coordinator

Photos by
J. Sinclair

June 27, 2024

Kitchen remodeling projects are such popular requests, and we do not expect that to change any time soon. We have remodeled many kitchens in Winston-Salem over the past two decades – all beautiful, functional, and unique in their own ways.

While homeowners who have utilized our full-service approach to kitchen remodeling enjoy their newly-transformed spaces, we enjoy sharing our challenges and creativity of those very projects. Here are a few kitchen renovations that remain favorites among the ICON team.

Kitchen remodeling Winston-Salem NC


“This was a long-awaited transformation that this house and family so deserved! The pictures of this project show an incredible open space, lit up with natural light, and so much functional counter space…but it was not always like this. Previously, the kitchen space was very small, dark, and had barely any counter space. We were able to combine a narrow eat-in breakfast space and pantry, hallway, outdated tiny kitchen, and bathroom into a fantastic highly-functional new kitchen space!

I think my favorite part of the job was creating an optical illusion above the door leading to the front dining room. Mirrors in the transom above the door were the solution to a wall thickness and pipe issue that ran through that wall. By installing mirrors, we were able to deal with an almost 10” thick wall and all that was packed into it, and still make both sides look great and authentic. Challenges like this are sometimes only known by the builder, but we like knowing the secrets of the remodel that guests might never figure out.”

– Doug Johnson, Project Manager

Kitchen remodeling Winston-Salem NC


“I love how the kitchen flows into the sunroom. I can imagine this being such a lovely space to live in. The textured backsplash in the kitchen is also a nice touch – adding interest subtly.”

– Amanda Whalen, Design Coordinator

Kitchen remodeling Winston-Salem NC


“This kitchen was very dated and in need of a complete overhaul. As a family with young children, they were in need of a new space that would allow them the freedom to grow. By opening up this space by removing a wall and improving the access from the adjoining dining room, this kitchen truly became the focal point of the home. An oversized island now provides seating for the entire family to share meals. We even installed a new full-size picture window in the kitchen nook that gives extensive views of the backyard.”

– Douglas Brown, Project Manager

Kitchen remodeling Winston-Salem NC. Kitchen remodel Winston Salem. Winston-Salem kitchen remodel. Kitchen renovation Winston-Salem.


“This home had been though several owners who could not figure out how to make the house more functional. It was a historic L-shaped home, but without much room. The new owners reached out to us, and we came up with a plan that added more space on the rear and relocated the kitchen to this new space. The old kitchen was transformed into a dining room. 

Exposed beams, cream colored cabinets and lots of light make this kitchen one of my favorites. I am so happy we were able to make the changes needed to make this an enjoyable historic home to live in.”

– Chuck Hicks, Owner and President


“This kitchen addition was an extremely challenging job that called on me to use my talents and gifts in every area and phase of this project. The homeowners and their interior designers had many details that they wanted. 

It started with marrying a new level floor to the rear elevation of the home. I had to turn the old window locations in a paneled room into three doorways that would connect the kitchen with the den and a newly enclosed porch area…Doors are my thing and they wanted several custom doors. [This project required] removing old kitchen cabinets and modifying original built-ins to convert the old kitchen both visually and functionally into a beautiful dining room.

I loved the journey and the outcome. The new space is ‘new’ but doesn’t feel modern in this 100-year-old home.”

– Don Guilbault, Master Craftsman

If you are considering a kitchen remodel, we would love to chat with you about your project. Our full-service design-build team will strive to make your kitchen renovation process as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

We look forward to transforming your kitchen space – it might even become a new favorite!