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Our Full-Service Approach To Mudroom & Laundry Room Remodeling


Your next home transformation begins right here with ICON Custom Builders. Whether you desire to update your mudroom or renovate your laundry room, our design-build team will make your dream a reality. Together we can elevate these utilitarian zones in your home.

Our expertise in creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces, combined with our commitment to ensuring the new space feels cohesive with the rest of your home, guarantees a renovation you will enjoy for many years.

We believe in collaboration.

We approach every remodeling project with creativity and collaboration. While most renovation projects follow a similar path, we will cater your project to your specific needs and style preferences.

Our team of design-build experts manages the entire remodeling process – from the initial design to the final installation. We will guide you through every decision and every detail, making the process as seamless and fun as possible.

Discover our seamless mudroom & laundry room remodeling process.

We have developed a smooth process to provide homeowners with a positive experience during a mudroom or laundry room renovation. We will start with an initial consultation and if ICON is a good fit for your project, we will move forward with a Planning Agreement.

The design phase is where we explore your vision, budget and timeline. We work closely with you to select premium materials, fixtures and finishes. Then our team of design-build experts will bring the plan to life! Throughout the process, we maintain open communication, providing updates and addressing any concerns promptly.

Laundry room renovation, laundry room remodeling, winston salem, clemmons, laundry room remodel winston salem.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why remodel with ICON Custom Builders?

We have been building and renovating homes in the Winston-Salem area for nearly twenty years. During that time, we have cultivated wonderful relationships with our trade partners. Along with our talented in-house team, we work together to ensure every project is efficient and streamlined.

Not only do we understand the intricacies of remodeling – from mudrooms to laundry rooms and beyond – we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, high-quality craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction for years after the project is complete.

Why remodel a mudroom or laundry room?

Mudrooms and laundry rooms don’t just need to be functional, they can be beautiful too. An improved layout with more storage can help you stay organized, while new materials and finishes can make the space feel clean and fresh. Consider installing a built-in ironing board or custom cabinets to function as a ‘drop zone’ and select durable, water-resistant flooring.

Renovating either (or both) of these spaces, when added on to a larger renovation project, can result in a more impactful transformation.

How long does a mudroom or laundry room remodeling project take?

Updates to mudrooms and laundry rooms have a shorter lead time (around 4 weeks) and construction is typically completed 4 weeks after that.

What are the cost considerations for a mudroom or laundry room remodel?

The investment starts at $20k and varies based on the scope of the project. The renovation will need to happen along with another renovation in order to meet our project minimum of $50k. All of these details will be covered in our Planning Agreement.

Interested in learning more?

Please read about Our Process. To set up an initial consultation, simply fill out the Contact Form. We look forward to discussing your laundry room or mudroom remodeling project further.


For inspiration, check out some recent mudrooms and laundry rooms we’ve transformed here in Winston-Salem!

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Craig Carter, ICON team