Bathroom renovation
Bathroom renovation

Homeowner Wishlist

  • Increase the two bedroom, 1 bath space in the attic to a 3 bedroom, 2 bath
  • Optimize extra living spaces and play areas for their three growing kids

Project Details

These homeowners craved additional living space for their three growing children, so they decided to remodel their attic with the help of our team. We reimagined the existing attic, carving out three dedicated living areas under the eaves, all customized to their unique needs. 

The first zone was a designated space for relaxation and entertainment, featuring a lounge area for the whole family to spend quality time together. Next, we elevated the cozy reading nook with a fresh coat of paint that highlighted the built-ins and natural light beaming in through the windows. The final area functions as a multipurpose space for their children. It’s a versatile space where creativity can thrive, homework can be completed, and games can be enjoyed. There’s a zone for each child’s hobbies and interests. 

In order to achieve such a transformation, our team had to reconfigure the attic layout to accommodate a new bedroom, bathroom and additional living areas. We also improved the existing shared bathroom by installing two vanities and increasing the storage space. 

Project manager Melissa Hayes referred to this exciting project as “designing in the eaves.” She leaned into the family’s bold design aesthetic when selecting vibrant paint colors and whimsical elements throughout. Together with the homeowner, she selected colorful wallpaper, opted for unique artwork and incorporated custom details, such as insect-shaped hardware in the kids’ bathroom. 

Maximizing storage space remained a key priority throughout the renovation, and no storage opportunity was wasted. Custom-built shelves and cabinets seamlessly integrated with the surrounding elements in every space – from the lounge area to the multipurpose space to the two bathrooms. 

As a result of this renovation, an unfinished attic transformed into a whimsical, relaxing and joyful living space for the entire family to enjoy! The combination of creativity, expert design, and careful attention to detail shows that even challenging spaces like attic eaves can become functional and beautiful spaces.

Attic renovation
Bathroom renovation Bathroom renovation


  • Quartz countertops by Bloomday Granite & Marble
  • Custom cabinets by Flagship Cabinetry
  • Mirrors & lighting by Rejuvenation
  • Lighting by Stray Dog Designs
  • Whimsical insect-shaped hardware in the kids' bathroom
  • Penny round tile in a custom color pattern
  • Wallpaper by Schumacher and Cole & Son
Attic renovation Attic renovation Attic renovation Kids' bathroom renovation



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