ICON team

Written by
Kali Newlen-Burden

Kali Newlen-Burden, ICON sponsorship coordinator

Photos by
J. Sinclair

October 1, 2021

Ever wondered what goes into a renovation project? Here’s what the ICON Custom Builders team has to say.


Chuck and I will set up an initial meeting to preview the home and get a better understanding of the clients’ design taste and hopes for the renovation. Once the design agreement is signed, I jump right into action working with clients to make those design selections and we talk through in detail what needs to be selected and ordered. Next we “shop” together and select everything from tile and countertops to light fixtures and paint. All the fun stuff!

– Katherine Yeager, Project and Design Coordinator


Project timelines vary based on the type, size and complexity of any project. However, past experience will help us provide the probable timeline for a project. There are many factors that can alter a project timeline. For example, if a material selection is made during construction with an extended lead-time, the client will need to make a decision to keep the selection – which can extend the completion date – or make a new selection.

– Craig Carter, Project Manager


Bringing the clients’ wish list and budget together is always a fun challenge! Once we have an understanding of how clients see the space being used, it helps us shape the wish list and we know where we can change the scope to help them meet that budget.

– Doug Johnson, Project Manager


Preparing for a renovation is very important. If the project is a kitchen renovation, you need to consider the temporary kitchen needs for your family. What was once your dining room may now become your temporary kitchen. Consider an outdoor grill, microwave, skillet and toaster oven for making meals. We’ve had clients use camping gear for outdoor temporary sinks that connect to a garden hose. Consider your storage needs. Where will you put your items? Do you need a storage unit? Will you need to call a moving company? Keep an open mind, knowing that when something goes sideways, we are all human and it can be corrected.

– Craig Carter, Project Manager


Clients can expect open, constant and honest communication from the ICON team. We want to make sure that we are consistently meeting their needs and expectations. Both myself and their designated Project Manager are with them every step of the way. There is a set project timeline established prior to demo and we all work hard to stick to that deadline. Your Project Manager handles all of our subcontractors and I handle all of our design needs, leaving little room for error or project frustrations.

– Katherine Yeager, Project and Design Coordinator


We have a Design Coordinator on staff who works with clients to help make all the decisions and selections required during the project. We have an in-house architect for design work and plans, as well as an in-house carpenter for custom project needs. In addition, we have an exceptional team of employees and subcontractors that have worked together for many years.

– Chuck Hicks, Owner and President


We treat every home as if we lived in it. We have worked in this area for over 15 years, and plan to for many more years. We do everything possible to ensure our clients are happy with our work and the results. We are always looking for ways to contribute back to the community, and as a result, we support many organizations. We live in the neighborhoods we work in. We want to see excellent work done here.

Chuck Hicks, Owner and President

This article originally appeared in Forsyth Family Magazine in October 2021.