Kitchen renovation

Two Timeless Transformations

Two bath remodeling projects with different approaches – starting from scratch with a whole new build, and transforming a space while staying within the same footprint – show the range of what ICON’s design-build team can deliver for their clients.

A Forever Home in Four Months

Vicki and Brad Carr have built homes from scratch, and have renovated before, but this time was different – they wanted to renovate their dream home. ICON Custom Builders achieved their vision – a forever home for their entire family to enjoy. 

Happier at Home

Craving a change at home but don’t know where to begin? Wondering if it’s time to relocate or renovate? ICON Custom Builders is experienced with these questions many homeowners face.

‘Tis the Season for Renovation

A new season of life invites new opportunities and welcomes new dynamics at home. For the Rollinses, their next season arrived when their two children moved out from under their roof...their home's existing layout did not match their changing lifestyle.

Building Relationships Through Renovations

ICON Custom Builders transforms homes and leads by example – focusing on superior quality and creating positive working relationships that have turned into friendships with clients, subcontractors and trade partners.

Building a Better Community

Project manager Doug Johnson has dedicated time to help City With Dwellings – an organization whose mission is building community and ending homelessness – with a renovation project.